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About Us

Hi, and thanks for stopping by! Without any further ado, let us introduce you to the team! Cross Shadow is made up of 4 key leaders:
Dr. Matt Mitchell, our Director, writer & general creative spirit. Matt is deeply involved in the entire movie making process from writing through editing. Matt is also the Worship Arts Pastor & Worship Leader at the Potter's Hand Bible Church in Apex, NC.
Tiaan Kruger, our Cinematographer & Executive Producer. He is our resident technical expert on anything electronic, as well as a writer and Head Editor on our projects. Tiaan additionally serves as the head of the Worship Tech Team at the Potter's Hand Bible Church.
April Kruger, Tiaan's wife, functions as our Chief Operating Officer, interfacing with the public, actors, locations and generally brings all the strings together to make what we do work. She plays an important role as a Producer and Script Editor as well.
Amy Michell, Matt's wife, our Casting Director, a writer, and an actor, appears in both Pray and Pray 2: The Woods. Amy also functions as a Producer in the post production phase of our projects.
Cross Shadow is backed by an enthusiastic group of volunteers whom we couldn't function without. This group includes actors, a variety of on-set volunteers and those who just like being involved in the work we do. For more information feel free to sign up for the volunteer newsletter here.
Cross Shadow Productions was started in February of 2007. After working together in the Worship Ministry at the Potter's Hand Bible Church for over 5 years, we have always shared a passion for the arts. For the longest time we had toyed with the idea of making a movie, and finally God has made our dream become a reality! We were frustrated at how modern movies always seem to resort to violence, sex or gore in order to entertain, induce fear or simply to sell box office tickets. We wanted to see a different kind of movie being made. Our vision is to make movies that are fun to watch, have some nail-biter moments, and are ultimately clean, faith-friendly & gore free.
Many of the movies made today that are labeled "Christian" seem to follow a certain, similar formula. Even though these are great movies, we believe there may be an audience out there that craves something a little out of the expected norm. We follow heart-pounding story lines that hopefully keep you on the edge of your seat (like any good thriller), but carefully try to exclude anything that could be interpreted as offensive or that parents wouldn't want their teens to watch. We hope to take you on an adventure that is exciting and fun, but more importantly, glorifies the Lord.
Join us on this quest, whether it's directly, or just by enjoying some of our films. The road is only starting here...
We thank you for stopping by!
~The Cross Shadow Productions Team
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We are located in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.